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Event Equipment

Here's just a sampling of our Event Equipment:


  • Exhibit Drapery and Hardware

  • Aisle, Booth and Stage Carpeting

  • Booth and Exhibit Installation and Dismantling (I&D)

  • Masking Drapery and Hardware

  • Message Boards, Flipcharts and Easels

  • Visitor's Information Kiosks

  • Lecterns and Podiums

  • Multi-use Chairs and Stools

  • Staging, Platforms and Risers

  • Specialty and Dramtic Lighting

  • Event Tents for outdoor functions

  • Decorations, Foliage and Special Effects

  • Crowd Control Fencing and Barricades

  • Decorative Chair Covers and Sashes

  • Skirting, Linens and Specialty Bunting

  • Dance Floors

  • Registration Counters and Service Unites

  • Modular Entranceway Structures

  • Stanchions and Ropes

  • Executive Furniture

  • Outdoor Ground Cover and Sub-Flooring

  • Beverage and Decorative Fountains

  • Catering and Food Service Equipment

  • International, State and Festival Flags

  • Presentation, Scientific and White Boards

  • Directional and Informational Signage and Banners

  • Computer, Copier and Fax Rentals

  • Walkie-Talkies and Cell Phone Rentals

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